Alex Rodriguez: Suspension or Lifetime Ban?


Alex Rodriguez and MLB are in a tough situation; unless MLB retroactively punishes A-Rod for tests he’s already passed they’re going to have a hard-sell justifying a permanent ban, and A-Rod’s worked extensively to get back to playing shape only to have this blow up in his face. The New York Yankees want nothing to do with him, regardless of what they’re saying publicly about the situation. A lifetime ban would save the Yanks a ton of money, as well as removing some of the tarnish from their image – ’cause everyone remembers Giambi. However, that’s too extreme, and is unlikely to happen. The bigger issue is the rampant use of peds in MLB, and how MLB is going to fix this problem.
Braun should have been suspended for 50 games. However, due to the inane press conference he held in 2012 after successfully appealing a 50 game suspension, the 60+ game suspension seems appropriate, with one exception – MLB should never have commended Braun for being a cheater.
I believe A-Rod’s punishment should be harsher than Braun’s, due to the sheer extent of abuse and A-Rod’s numerous denials over the span of years. I don’t believe he should be banned for life. A 50 to 150 game suspension would be more than sufficient. It will save face (and more than a few dollars) for the Yankees, as well as mete out a punishment that reflects MLB’s new stance on performance enhancing drugs. I believe all contracts signed under false pretense should be up for renegotiation if a player is caught using peds. It could be argued that the player’s skill set has been artificially enhanced by the drugs, and that a reevaluation is in order to allow the clubs to determine an appropriate level of compensation based on a player’s natural ability.

Slight Tangent: The Pete Rose meme
Whenever there is talk of ped-based suspensions a lot of people bring up Pete Rose. These are vastly different issues and they should never be confused. Pete Rose committed a sin far worse that ped’s, and he should never, ever under any circumstances be allowed into the Hall of Fame. He, along with the Chicago Black Sox, brought a level of shame to MLB that no ped user will ever be able to reach. How many careers did Rose affect due to his gambling addiction? How many careers were jeopardized because Rose didn’t want to pull out an injured player for fear of losing a bet? After lying to everyone for over 20 years can anyone really believe anything he says? I find it hard to believe that he never bet against his own team.

For me to believe that I would have to believe that Braun was clean in 2012. And that ain’t happening.