A well-oiled tongue can turn the grey skies blue

The greatest tool in any trade is a well-oiled tongue. There is no more effective way of explaining to a company that they’ve been spending an additional $2,000 a week to keep equipment running, and have been doing so for the past 3 months, 14 weeks, $28,000, simply because they refuse to repair a piece of equipment consisting of 6 wires, and a few plug-and-play modules.

Now, it’s true that being an hourly blue-collar laborer, I must deal with many indignities, the least of which being the small amount of attention paid to my grand observations, This is likely because my poor disposition, coupled with a less-than-stellar aptitude for all things learned, has prevented me from obtaining the vaunted pedigree from the local community college. If only I had the discipline, the drive, and the means necessary to earn my associate degree in HVAC the weight of my words would be heavy enough to demand their attention. It takes the weight of 1,000 words to move them as much as what the shop foreman – a heavyset beer drinking football fan – can do with only a handful of invective. He and his associates degree pedigree,

“Goddammit. that’s a lot of money. Get that fucker fixed now. If it ain’t working right by next week somebody’s ass is on the line.”


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